Sunday, July 22, 2012

More 28mm Saga Dark Ages Warbands

Here's some images of two more war bands for the Saga rules we finished up recently for a customer. They are am Anglo Saxon war band and a Breton war band. All figures are Gripping beast and with the exception of one shield, the shields are finished with Little Big Men Studios decals.

The first war band is the Anglo Saxons. Here's the whole war band posing for the photo shoot:

These are the warriors of the band. There are 16 figures in this unit. We painted them with a mix of brighter colors and some more muted tones as these would be a slightly higher quality of warrior over the levy:

This is the warlord and the heartguard of the Anglo Saxon band. Since these are the elites I kept the colors brighter and added borders to the tunics, some with patterns:

Here's the levy of the Anglo Saxons, 12 figures strong. Since these would be pulled from the lower classes we did the colors in muted and earthy colors:

The second war band is the Bretons:

All of the Breton cavalry together:

The mounted heartguard and mounted warlord, 9 figures total:

A unit of 8 mounted warriors for the Breton war band:

The Breton war band also includes a unit of 12 levy armed with javelins. Again, since these aren't regular warriors and are probably pulled from the lower classes the clothing is painted in duller colors:

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  1. Your minis look great. Gripping Beast makes some great models. Best wishes.