Sunday, July 29, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts

One of our customers is working on a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Vampire Counts army and had us do some units and characters for them. These are the results of some of the figures. There is also a Coven Throne, Mortis Engine, and a Zombie Dragon which will appear in the next post. We've split those figures into their own post since Allison will be including some painting tips and tutorials with them.

First up are some Hex Wraiths:

Next here is a unit of vargheists:

Krell, Lord of Undeath:
 This figure is one of the new Finecast figures. He came remarkably clean cast and nicely detailed. Clean-up was minimal on the figure.

A wight king:
 This figure is a plastic kit. It would make a nice death knight for a fantasy game.

Heinrich Himmler is another Finecast figure. Again it was nicely cast requiring little clean-up:

The Isabella Carstein figure is also Finecast. She, however, was not cast well. There were areas that needed filled with greenstuff , such as the neckline of her dress, the ribbon on the back of the dress, the tip of her chin, and other areas. Needless to say I was not happy with the quality of the casting. So far though that makes 3 good Finecast figures to 1 bad. Still, in my opinion, that is too many considering what Games Workshop is charging for Finecast figures these days.

 Her sword was also bent. To straighten it I boiled some water, put the water in a cup for a minute or so, dipped the sword into the hot water, then straightened it. This material gets REALLY soft with heat and becomes VERY pliable. I would be weary of exposing Finecast figures to high heat as I'm not sure what the results would be.

The customer also had a unit of Blood Knights. These are actually repaints. He had bought the figures at a flea market at a con and wanted us to touch them up and improve them. It is not normally something we would do but we will for good customers. The reason we don't like doing this is it usually takes just as much time to fix someone else's paint job as it does to paint the figure from scratch. And usually at the end it doesn't look as nice as it would if we did the figure from start to finish.

You can judge for yourselves, however. Working from what was there we came up with this:

Look for the next post of the Coven Throne, Mortis Engine, and Zombie Dragon!

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  1. Wonderful stuff really like the details on Isabella