Monday, July 23, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dreadstone Blight

This is a piece of terrain we did for a customer. It is the Dreadstone Blight ruined tower. While great for fantasy games it would work well for pulp games as well.

Molded in plastic, it comes in several pieces. The base is one larger piece, with the bottom section consisting of four wall pieces, three wall pieces for the middle floor, and one wall piece for the top floor. There are also three floor pieces. The post between the second and third floors does not come with the kit. I added that piece to help support the top floor. I didn't feel that the top floor was attached securely enough by just gluing along the edge to support the weight of metal figures. To make the post I simply took a piece of balsa wood, cut it to size, painted it, then glued it into place.

Overview of the tower

Interior details with the bricked over symbol to Slanesh


  1. Nicely done. I found this to be one of the worst kits GW made. I assembled near 20 of them for adepticon 2 years ago, never again. But again you did a great job on it.

  2. Thanks. While it isn't the greatest kit I didn't find it that bad. Of course I was assembling two VC coven thrones and a zombie dragon too at the time. Both kits are 80+ parts! But back to the subject, there are some decent mold lines along the edges of the wall sections and the fit is WAY too tight. I used an Exacto blade and a larger flat file to trim them up and remove the mold lines. It does seem to be a problem with the molds as I have a second one here plus a Witchfate Tor all with the same issues.