Tuesday, February 3, 2015

28mm Dungeon Terrain: Upcoming Kickstarter

The blog has been quiet lately as we've been quite busy. Allison has been subbing a lot, and when she hasn't been subbing she's either been working on a rather large 15mm Dark Ages project or helping me to finish up some projects. I've been churning away at some larger projects so there hasn't been much to report as being done, with so much time being put into getting progress done on these larger jobs.

Here are some dungeon tiles we painted up as samples for an upcoming Kickstarter from Acheson Creations. This kickstarter should go live in a couple of weeks so if it is something you are interested in you won't have long to wait. This project is one of the reasons things have been quiet as we had a very solid deadline to meet so this company could get it's Kickstarter live by their desired date.

The figures are Reaper, with an old Citadel and I think even a Northstar samurai filling in to demonstrate size. Once we got everything painted I put some of the items together into scenes to see how they would look:

These unique pieces are dungeon entrances hidden by a waterfall. They are pretty interesting, cast in 5 pieces, with the water cast in a translucent colored resin: