Tuesday, February 10, 2015

28mm Greek Hoplites

Followers of the blog may remember this post: http://evilbobs.blogspot.com/2014/06/28mm-greek-hoplites.html This batch of figures is an expansion of that unit. There's 80 more hoplites to add to the previous 20. As before the figures are from Warlord Games with shield decals from Little Big Men Studios (LBMS). The spears will receive a final straightening before shipping.

Some leader types

We've had some compliments on how bright our colors are, but I've also heard the mantra going around that bright colors didn't appear until new synthetic dyes appeared. I've done quite a bit or research into this and I've come to the conclusion this is all poppycock. Natural dyes can give nice, strong colors which were fairly colorfast. Going back even into ancient times mordants existed, and the mordants were materials easily accessible to most people. What people are confusing is that early synthetic dyes were not very bright and early synthetic cloth did not take dyes well at all. So paint your figures the way you want. If you want them bright, go for it, and let the naysayers live in a world of washed out greys and browns.

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