Sunday, February 13, 2011

More High Elves!

Well, here we go with some more High Elves.  This happens to be the last of this batch for the Isle of Blood box.  This was yesterday's project: High Elf Mages, Sword Masters of Hoeth and Lothern Sea Guard.
This is the whole lot of them.  The thingies on the blue bottle lids are the mages and one flag.  When I can't hold onto something I put it on a bottle cap that has the blue tacky putty on it.  This helps me let it dry without leaning it on something and then having it fall over.

You can see that things are only based coated and only the Mithril Silver is washed in Badab Black.

For the two Bladelord Kalaer figures I've decided to make them stand out, one in Red (Model Color) and one in Ocher (CVC).  The red will eventually be highlighted with Red (CVC) and Vermillion (CVC) and the Ocher will go to Ocher 15 and Ocher 11 (both CVC).

Sea Master Althin stands out in the same reds as above.  The blues are the same as on the Reavers, Regal Blue.

Yep, I haven't gotten far with these yet.  I was on a roll yesterday, started around 9am, took a break at lunch, then ended at 5.  Oh, and don't forget that I messed around in between with bathing, getting drinks and Facebook.

Too much school work for this evening so I might not get much more done this weekend.

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