Saturday, February 19, 2011

Field of Glory Dark Ages Armies Finished

We just finished up a commission of these two dark ages armies for Field of Glory. The first is a Norman army and the second in an Anglo-Danish army. All figures are Old Glory 15's.

There is a previous post on the blog of these figures before flocking. It's amazing how much the flocking changes the final appearance of the figures. As I said in the other post, I hate taking pics of the figures before they are based and finished; They just don't seem right.

 The first army is a Norman army. Composed of a core of knights it has some foot to round it out. Here is an overview of the Norman spearmen and archers:

An overview of the Norman knights:

Overview of the Norman dismounted knights and command stands:

The Norman knights:

The Norman command stands:

The Norman spearmen. We went with somewhat more darker, murkier colors as these are the regular infantry:

The dismounted Norman knights:

The Norman archers:

The second army is the Anglo-Danish army. Lots of foot make up this force. Here's a view of the whole Anglo-Danish army:

An overview of the Anglo-Danish command stands, slingers, and javeliners:

An overview of the greater fyrd and huscarls:

An overview of the lesser, or poor quality, fyrd:

The lesser fyrd arranged in a line as a shield wall:

The block of lesser fyrd. These are the lower class warriors so we again made the colors a bit darker and murkier, with plain one-color shields. There are 128 figures in this block:

The Anglo-Danish command stands:

The greater fyrd. These would be greater land owners and lesser nobles so we went with brighter colors and fancier shields:

The huscarls:

The slingers and javeliners:

Some more views along the lesser fyrd's shield wall:


  1. Bloody hell!!!! Wonderfull looking many are there and how long did it all take?

  2. The Norman army has 105 foot and 42 cav. The Anglo-Danish army has 268 foot and 3 cav.

    Not sure on how long they took. I've been working on them and 3 other projects (plus prepping a bunch more for delivery at Cold Wars) for the past month or two. I have more time in them than I wanted to, and am making less money as a result, but I think the extra effort was worth it.

  3. Chello!

    Awesome job! And, yes, flocking makes them look waaaaaay better!