Friday, February 18, 2011

Field of Glory Dark Ages Armies

Here are some shots of two Field of Glory Dark Ages armies were working on for a customer. The first is a Norman army and the Second is an Anglo-Danish army. They will appear much darker in these photos due to the black bases sucking up a lot of the light. The final flocking will lighten them up quite a bit.

We'll flack and finish these up this weekend. Once they are completely done I'll take more pictures and perhaps do a comparison. It should illustrate why I hate taking pics of stuff before they are completely done as they just don't look right.

All figures are Old Glory 15's.

First up are the Normans. These are the spearmen:

Next are the Norman archers:

Here are the Norman command stands.

Dismounted Norman knights:

The Norman knights:

Next we have the Anglo-Danish army. The first pictures are of the Huscarls:

These are the Anglo-Danish slingers and javeliners:

These are the Anglo-Danish greater fyrd. Since these come from the upper classes we made the clothes a bit brighter and the shields have more patterns and variety:

 The poor-quality fyrd, or lesser fyrd. These are the lower class warriors, so we made the clothes a bit darker and ruddier. Also, the shields are simple with only one color:

 The lesser fyrd arranged in a line as a shield wall:

Finally the Anglo-Danish command stands:

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