Monday, June 18, 2012

15mm Seven Years War (SYW) Austrian Army

We've just finished up a 15mm Seven Years War (SYW or 7YW) Austrian Army. The basing will work for the new Maurice rules. The army includes a nice prtion of infantry, some Croat light infantry, some artillery, a nice representation of cavalry, and of course, the army commanders.

Here's the whole army laid out:

The casualties

The infantry

The light infantry, commanders, and artillery

The cavalry

Here are some close-up views of the army as it is all laid out:

 The infantry is painted to represent the 9'th, 12'th, 23'rd , and the 43'rd German regiments and the 2'nd and 31'st Hungarian regiments. For some regiments there are the 2'nd and 3'rd battalions; these can be noted by their twin yellow flags.

The Hungarian regiments with their colorful uniforms

The German regiments

The backs of the figures- white belts everywhere!

There are two Croat (or Grenzer) regiments represented:  The Warasdin Creuztzer Grenz regiment and Trenck's Pandors regiment.

Here's the Austrian artillery:

The army commanders and generals are represented as a base of 3 for the army commander and singular bases of mounted generals:

The 2'nd Kaiser Hussars:

The 22'nd Kalckreuth Cuirassiers:

The 31'st De Ligne (Lowenstein or St. Ignon) Dragoons:

The Kollowrat Dragoons:

All figures are Old Glory 15's. Flags are from The Flag Dude.

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  1. Great looking army, lots of colour, good work.