Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pulp Figures Rocketeers

Here's some pics of a small Pulp order of a group of rocketeers for a customer. These are all Pulp Figures miniatures at 28mm "scale". I used a bit more washes than I normally do and I really like the way these came out. We recently started making our own washes so I've been toying around with them more to get the formula down right and learn what their capabilities are.

Normally I'd go with a dry brush for a highlight. For these, however, I did a base coat and a wash to add a shade to the base color. This method requires one to use a base color a little lighter in shade than their desired final color as the wash will darken them up more. 

If you want more detail you can paint the base coat on, drybrush a highlight color, then apply the wash. This will help blend the drybrushing to the base color and smooth the transition. It's similar to wet-blending, but quicker. The results will not be as smooth as when you wet-blend, but it is easier. Still , the simple wash did a more than acceptable job on these.

The bases are 1 inch fender washers with Durhams Water Putty used to blend the integral base of the figure into the washer. A quick coat of Vallejo English Uniform (#921) was then applied to the putty. This help color the ground in case any flock comes off later and it helps provide a nice even ground color tone under the flock to make the appearance of the whole thing more appealing. Next, a layer of Scenic Express' Earth blend was glued on with diluted Matte Medium. Once that layer had dried I applied patches on Scenic Express' Alpine Meadows Blend.

I'm happy with the results as is the customer. These will make a fine addition to the Pulp Table.

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