Thursday, June 7, 2012

French & Indian War Indians from Galloping Major Miniatures

There's a new US retailer of Galloping Major Miniatures called Loyahanna Outpost. Their website can be found here: Loyalhanna Outpost  Keith approached us about doing a few display figures for him. It wasn't hard for him to find us as He and I do game occasionally together. Despite a tight schedule I fit a few figures in for him since he's pretty patient with me when it comes to my spotty attendance to games!

This is the first batch, some French and Indian War (FIW for short) American Indians. These figures were cast pretty clean with just a bit of clean up required. I think they are pretty decent figures. The sculpting is a bit softer than other manufactures in areas like musculature but they paint up really well.

While I wanted to paint these up I couldn't get to them being stuck in 15mmm SYW Austrian land and prep/ finishing land. So Allison did the brush work on these while I slogged away at the Austrian line and cleaned and glues two Vampire Counts Coven Thrones for Warhammer for a customer. Here's the results:

This group of 10 Indians:

Some detail shots of pairs of Indians showing the front and backs of the figures:

I particularly love the Indian in the stripped shirt. As a leader-like figure it helps set him out from his fellows and adds a nice spot of detail to the group:

Allison painted the cloth colors a bit more subdued to catch the colors used in the 18th century. Hench more greyed blues and red browns used on these figures. I used two types of ground cover to add a bit more to the basing of the figures and to try and give the figures the appearance of either moving through the woodlands of early America.

There's some Canadian militia and some PA and VA rangers to do yet but we have to get some other stuff out of the way first. Look for a little here and there over the next few months.

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