Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RPG Figures By Otherworld Miniatures

Here's another batch of RPG figures for D&D and similar RPGs. These figures are made by Otherworld Miniatures and sold in the USA by Architects of War

This batch includes two of their zombie packs, some evil clerics, and some giant frogs. We used a variety of methods on these including drybrushing and washes. More washes were used on the zombies to give them a 'dirtier' feel and appearance.

First up are some commoner zombies:

The group of zombies!

Next up are some demi-human zombies. These are wonderful! There has always been a shortage of these types of figure and it is nice to see some being made:

The evil clerics or priests. Some could even pull double duty as evil cultists, wizards or necromancers:

The evil high priest:

The giant frogs:

I'm really pleased with the figures Otherworld Miniatures is producing. They have a very 'Old School' feel and look to them as though they stepped right out of the artwork of some of the old D&D modules. The figures themselves have very little flash and clean up easily and quickly. The faces have some character to them making them a joy to paint up and giving the figure some personality.

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