Monday, March 14, 2011

Architects of War Terrain

Well I'm back from Cold Wars so now it's time to get cracking in the studio working on orders. As I said before I left I plan on posting some images of some of the orders we completed and delivered at the show. First up is some of the Architects of War terrain.

Some may recall a company a few years back called Barb's Bunker. Well Barb is back and it's quite a good thing. The new company is called Architects of War and they are producing some really stunning terrain pieces. These will add great flavor to any table and there will definitely be some finding their way onto mine.

Their plowed field:
The figure is a Perry miniatures War of the Roses figure. This gives a sense of scale to the field.
Their garden
The family plot
A well

Various campsite pieces

The major parts were in a resin with the details cast in metal.The resin pieces were all well cast with no visible air bubbles. They cleaned up in a snap with no mold release or residue left on them. They also took paint extremely well. Highly recommended.

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