Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heading out to Cold Wars and Burning the Midnight Oil

We're in the midst of getting things ready for Cold Wars. Hectic is the word of the day here as we frantically try to finish orders. We've even brought in the second shift:

One plus I noticed today with living in a 100+ year old house: plenty of ventilation! The wind was pretty heavy today and as a result, I had a constant breeze blowing over my lap from the window to my left. At least the cat helped keep me warm.

I wanted to get pictures up of the deliveries but I simply ran out of time. Tomorrow morning as I pack and load things I'll get some pics and get them up when I get back from the show.

I want to take the opportunity to thank a few of our friends, without whom we would have never been ready for the show: Bobby Dern, Eric and Christie Heese, and Mike Mullig. Thanks for the hard work guys and we really appreciate you.

See you at Cold Wars!

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