Sunday, June 19, 2011

Display Figures for Scale Creep

Here's a selection of display figures we've done for Mark at Scale Creep. These are going to be used to display some of the figures he makes and/or carries in his shop and at conventions. Pending his approval, these will be packed up and shipped out to him.

First up are some sea creatures the Allison did: a Kraken and 2 Sea Dragons. One sea dragon is for Mark and the other will be for us to sell:

28mm Kraken

28mm Sea Dragon

A different version of the 28mm Giant Sea Dragon

Next up are some 15mm Black Hat miniatures. Here are two pieces from the Martian range:

Next are 15mm Black Hat Aztec/ Mesoamerican figures:
Mayan Archers

Aztec Warriors

More Aztec Warriors

Aztec Jaguar Warriors

Aztec Command

Here are the sample stands from the 15mm Black Hat Greek range:
Macedonian Pikemen

Babylonian Archers

Greek Hoplites

Thracian Cavalry

Macedonian Command

These are based to the customer's specifications for display on his racks. The Black Hat miniatures are pretty decent figures. There's a bit of clean-up to do on them, but no more so than usual. I especially like the Aztecs and feel they capture the spirit and feel of the culture quite well.

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