Monday, June 13, 2011

Something Smaller

I needed to take a break from dinosaurs and bigger models.  My heart really lies in painting naked ladies.  Yeah, this is Allison speaking, not Bob.  There's just something wonderful about scantily clad figures.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy painting barely clothed male figures too.  
So, onward I went to paint up some Reaper figures for an order.  Most of them are clothed, but as you can see, I started with a chain-mail bikini girl.

Eventually her lips and eyes will be glossed.

She looked like she hijacked a captain's coat, so that's how I painted her.

Her hair is highlighted, but with a dark blue.  I wanted her hair to be so black that it had a blue tint.  I think after she gets clear coated I'll gloss her hair lightly.  In addition, her clothing will get glossed to make it appear as satin or silk.

Then there were some bosomy barmaid women.  I've painted these girls before and really like the sculpt.  The shape of them really take a wash well.

I love the tray of food.  I think it adds so much character to this figure.  In addition the lace on her apron, which I always treat as Turkey Work or embroidery is a wonderful touch.

It's really difficult to she her face up under that hair but it is visible on the model.  I think it's funny and the shadow adds that mystery to her.  Neat unintentional effect really.

Just as I was about to take a picture of her nicely proportionate leg, the camera batteries went dead.  Bogus.

Well, I really must be going.  I spent all day Sunday loafing about and crocheting instead of painting.  Shame on me.

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