Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lovely Lamia - by Reaper

I suppose I'm behind in posting pictures of what I've been working on; however, posting pictures doesn't exactly pay the bills.  Bob has me chained to the painting table (figuratively) and I must keep my little mind focused.  It was my birthday the other week, when I painted the marid, and Bob ordered me a beer making kit.  Well, it came in the mail yesterday and I've been itchin' to being the beer brewing process; painting must come first, beer second.
So, another really cool figure I was working on is this lamia.  She's not the standard lamia; well, not the one I think of.  The lamia I always picture, you know, when lamia come up in conversation, are the ones with beast bodies not serpent.  In my circle of friends, lamias do actually come up in conversation quite often.  Here she is:
 I apologize, but the images seem to be a bit darker than usual.  I don't have time, however, to fiddle with the lighting.  I take these photos at my painting desk when I'm finished with a mini.  Bob takes better photos after they've been sprayed, flocked, and glossed, and are ready to be shipped out to the customer.

Her snake body is a dark brown with light brown highlights to the scales; pale, creamy belly.  Her armor is Blighted Gold (a metallic green-gold) and gold.  The reason I went with this combination is because of an illustration found on the Pathfinder Wiki, below.

 I think you can see more clearly the brown, almost copper color of her snake body from the back photo.  It fades from a light brown to a dark brown, almost black, tip.  The tip is actually highlighted with a very dark burgundy; as is her hair.

I started at the tip by painting on Raw Umber, then up the tail with Burnt Umber, up some more with Brown, and finally at the top by the skirt Light Brown.  After it all dried I dry brushed the Light Brown into the Brown, the Brown into the Burnt Umber, and the Burnt Umber into the Raw Umber sections.  After it all dried the banding was washed on with Devlan Mud and Badab Black.  The very tip of her tail is Burgundy Wine and it is dry brushed up into the Raw Umber a bit.  It is difficult to see in the photos.

Her belly is Stained Ivory with a highlight of Creamy Ivory.  You'll notice that I continued the banding around to her belly.

 The armor is Blighted Gold metallic, made by Privateer Press, which has been washed with black and then individual scales have been recolored with the Blighted Gold.  The shoulder plates, cuffs, spear, mask, and netted skirt are all Gold from Games Workshop that has been washed in Ogryn Flesh and high points picked out with gold again.

I chose for her belt and the tie on her spear a Burgundy Wine (Reaper Color) with a highlight of Red (Vallejo).

The eyes of the mask are Dark Green, Green, and Lemon Yellow (all from Cel-Vinyl).  It is accurate to the illustration but I also feel that the green is suitably serpentine.  Yellow or ocher would have also been a nice touch but I think they would have blended into the gold mask far too much.

Her hair is black with Gray 25 highlights and the very tips are highlighted again with Burgundy Wine.
"Did I leave the iron on?"

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