Friday, June 3, 2011

More Bretonnians

Here is a few more reinforcements for the Bretonnian army we are doing for a customer. Here are the Pegasus Knights:

Here is a Pegasus Knight hero:

A Damsel to give the army a little bit of magic. We will be adding a second Damsel in the next batch:

These are the archer's stakes for the bowmen:


  1. These are really nice. What did you use to base these models?

  2. The base edges are painted with Cell Vinyl's Burnt Umber and the flock is Scenic Express' Alpine blend.

  3. Thanks for the prompt response! I really like the look.

  4. Its a favorite of mine as well. For as quick as it is it gives good results. While the sand/ paint/ clump method looks really nice it takes quite a bit more time and is a bit more expensive.