Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"I'm a Dinosaur..."

Apparently crazy only takes me a couple days.  Then again, my husband has been playing King, when I start talking gibberish, blame it on the music.

I knew I couldn't just let it go.  I think I spent half the night tossing and turning about how I wanted to change it.  In the end, I did modify the blue-ringed octopus, a little.  I added Golden Yellow highlights in order to boost the neon color effect.  It does make the blue rings pop a bit more, so I'm pleased.
I took the Cel-Vinyl Golden Yellow and "spotted" the entire piece with a 10/0 brush.  Sounds time consuming?  It kinda is but I think it was worth it.

Then, on to the brontosaurus and t-rex set.

 This is the brontosaurus.  Obviously dead.  I was working quickly and forgot to take step-by-step photos.  Oops.  However, here are the colors in order of use:

For The Brontosaurus
  • Upper Skin: 
    1. (CV) Olive Green - base-coat.
    2. Olive Drab 13 - heavy dry-brush.
    3. Olive Drab 13 mixed with Golden Yellow 50/50.  Light dry-brush just on the spine and down the legs a little.  Then, add a little water to dilute and run it along the spine and into the cracks of the skin.
  • Belly: 
    1. (CV) Ocher - heavy dry-brush.
    2. Ocher 11 - light dry-brush.
    3. Tan 6 - very light wet brush.  Then, dilute with water a bit and use it like a watercolor to go into the cracks of skin.  This brings all three colors together a bit, blends it and makes it seem uniform.
  • Gore: (Reaper) 
    1. Antique Rose - base color for innards.
    2. Porcelain Pink - high light.
    3. wash of Baal Red.  Some of the innards are various other pinks and purples and reds to vary up the organs.  But, they all get washed the same color to bring all the colors together.
  • Blood: Model Color
    1. Red - dry-brush this on where the wounds meet the flesh and drag away from the wound in a spray like pattern.  Make it messy. 
    2. Baal Red wash - same effect, drag away from wound and kind of slop it around.  Don't be too precise because it will look oddly perfect.  Slop it on.


"I'm a dinosaur...somebody is digging my bones..."

"I'm hungry.  Mom, what's for lunch?"
"I'm gonna need a toothpick after this one."


 The T-Rex Coloration
  • Upper Skin: 
    1. Mud Gray - basecoat
    2. Mud Gray 11 - heavy dry-brush all over.
    3. Brown - diluted with water until it is about the coloration of a watercolor paint.  Then, drag over the spine and be kinda splotchy.  Next, drag down into the main body to create stripes of sorts; over the hind leg thighs and the upper arms.  Also, make strips down tail and toward the neck.  This will look like a jagged tooth effect down the side of the model.
    4. Devlan Mud wash for spots - on the very very top of spine.  You can add spots down the body as well.

  • Belly Skin:
    1. Mud Gray 11- dilute with water.  Go over belly area and down backs of legs to bottom of feet. 
    2. Tan 6 - first dry-brush on over the gray 11 area.  Then, dilute with water also and do only the very bottom of belly and down the legs a little.
    3. Creamy Ivory - very very light dry-brush just to make the belly pop.

  • Toenails:
    1. Stained Ivory - basecoat
    2. Creamy Ivory- brush over top and catch the ridges of the nails.
    3. Sepia wash - just where the nail meets the skin.

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